• 1.Are you manufacturer or trade company?

      We are a factory specializing in disposable products for more than 27 years.

    • 2.Do you offer OEM service?

      Yes, we accept customization no matter on products or packing logo.

    • 3.What certificates of products do you have?

      CE, ISO, EN14605, EN14126,EN13034, EN1073,EN13795, EN ISO 13982,EN1149, EN14683, AAMI PB70 Level1-4,GB15979,GB24539,GB24540,GB14683,YY/T 0469 etc

    • 4.Can we be your agent or distributor?

      Yes, of course. We are pleased to work with you to develop the market, please feel free to contact us for more information.

    • 5.Can I have samples for testing?

      Yes, you can. But samples are not for free, samples and shipping cost should be paid.

    • 6.How long is the delivery time?

      Generally delivery time is 20-30 days,depend on the quantity and product's complexity

    • 7.What is the FOB port?

      Mostly from Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan,Zhengzhou

    • 8.What does TYPE5 TYPE6 mean?

      They are different protective level TYPE-1 completely sealed, gas-tight TYPE-2,complete protect,not gas-tight TYPE-3, liquid-tight seams TYPE-4, spray-tight seams TYPE-5, solid dust against TYPE-6, minor splashing against

    • 9.What are your products made of, they are woven or non-woven, are they washable?

      All our products are made of non-woven fabric, they are one time use, not washable, we have PP/microporous/SMS/PP+PE/PE+SMS material etc.

    • 10.In what situation I have to use these products?

      Our disposable products will protect people from kinds of hazards, as agriculture, painting, pharmaceutical industries,constructions,mining,clean room, labs, nuclear station, oil industrial, wood and metal removing,food industrial, asbestos handling etc.

    • 11.Are your products reusable?

      We supply non-woven products, they are not washable, and most of them are for one time use, disposable.

    • 12.Can they be used in hospital?

      First, our products had passed EN14126, it means infective/synthetic blood agents resistant, another, all our products have CIBG register, it is MDR, European medical device Device. (EU)2017/745, which means we have medical exporting qualification to EU market

    • 13.What are your main products?

      We mainly produce disposable coveralls, gowns, lab coats, sleeve covers, boot covers, shoe covers, and non-woven fabric including SMS, PP, microporous, PP+PE, melt-blown fabric, etc.

    • 14.How to choose protective clothing?

      1. For harmful gas or steam resistant, you need TYPE1 or TYPE2 level coverall. 2. For hazard chemical resistant as acid, you need TYPE3 level coverall. 3. For harmful liquid or spray resistant, you need TYPE4 level coverall. 4. For solid particulate resistant, you need TYPE5 coverall. 5. For light spray or mist spray resistant, you need TYPE6 coverall.

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